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A special website for Uganda Independence Day, built in just 18 days

The Vision group of Uganda wanted to roll out a special website to commemorate Uganda's Independence Day. The site would have only images that would need to load fast on mobiles with limited bandwidth. There was less than a month left for the site to go live when the brief came in. Kreatio delivered in just 18 calendar days.

The NewVision team provided draft mockups of how the site should look on mobile and desktop. Kreatio User Experience team (UX) analyzed the mockups and provided suggestions on workflow and other elements. Once the mockups were finalized, Kreatio started doing the design work. In parallel, the Kreatio implementation team started the implementation of the site features, and the QA team started testing the functions as they were built.

It was decided not to use a standard shopping basket software as it would be an overkill. So, Kreatio started implementing a simplified shopping and payment workflow. This also underwent extensive testing.

"Kreatio not only built the site for us well before the deadline, but they also gave us many invaluable suggestions for better workflows and improved user experience" says Janat Namulindwa-ICT Digital Business of the Vision group

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