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If your publication has high page views but does not offer leadgen services, you are missing out on an incredible amount of money.

Every type of client would happily pay you fees for targeted, high-quality leads. As an online publisher, you already have very high website traffic. All you need to do is set up a few forms, and you have a new source of income.

Kreatio's Leadgen is an easy to use lead generation management system that helps make you money.

Our lead generation marketing automation tool manages the full lifecycle of the lead generation business. It manages campaigns, the profiles of viewers and clients, and everything else a successful lead gen campaign needs.

  • Get the leadgen campaign from your client
  • Use our software to organize the assets that will be used for the campaign
  • Track your progress, analyze metrics, and optimize the campaign to maximize your results
  • Nurture your database to please your viewers and keep generating leads

Kreatio Leadgen does all of this. You can also connect it to third-party software to increase your results or get specialized tasks done.

Based on your client and campaign, the leads you get will need to be classified into different buckets. You can use Kreatio Leadgen to set this up quickly. Set rules for how leads are classified and create different processes depending on the bucket they fall into.

You have complete control over what users can edit the campaign, and which of your team members have access to which campaign aspects.

Kreatio's lead generation solution software can have leads fed to it from different sources and is fully GDPR compliant. Generate leads exclusively from your site or have the system fed leads from emails, telecalling and affiliate sites.

It can communicate with any API based third-party system. That includes telecalling systems, bulk email systems, and lead enhancement services.

In addition to managing campaigns, the system can also provide near real-time updates on business performance, including a number of campaigns running, revenue pipeline, revenue realized, number of leads generated, lead pipeline and many other parameters.

Leadgen is the highest return on investment work you can do. It opens up an entirely new world of monetization opportunities with minimum work. Contact us now for a free demo that can permanently boost your bottom line. 

If less work and more insights sound good to you, try out Kreatio CMS for free. Contact us now for a free demo that can permanently improve the way you run your business.

Let’s talk about what Kreatio Experience Manager can do for your business.