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Why NJAA? Because our software is not just another analytics tool. It's pronounced Ninja because it gives you deep insights into your customers so you can make game-changing decisions. All with incredible speed and without countless hours spent searching through data.

  • No Javascript or tagging: Eliminates the busy work and reduces careless errors from holding back your work.
  • Automatic data pull: Information is pulled straight from Kreatio CMS. You avoid hiring someone to make sure everything is synced.
  • Automated systems: There's nothing worse than pointless busywork. NJAA automatically detects new authors or new categories of articles and starts tracking their performance without you touching a button.
  • Endless Compatibility: NJAA and Kreatio CMS integrate with third-party subscriptions and paywall systems. They notice changes customers changing their subscriptions and tell you how to maximize total subscribers.

Our prebuilt dashboards have been designed for content-based businesses like yours. They tell you how your publication is performing, and help you increase your engagement and profitability. Intuitive controls let you create your own dashboards specific to your own needs.

They come with drill-downs so that you can easily drill down to individual items. For example, the Author performance dashboard can drill down to individual authors.

  • Understand your subscribers:In-depth dashboard allows you to drill down to individual subscribers and organizations. Understand what pages they engage with, and how to increase their viewership.
  • Compare:NJAA's comparison dashboard lets you put subscribers side by side, and see how engagement differs between your site's categories and pages.
  • Author analysis:See how you different authors are performing among parameters such as geography and article category. Identify who is pulling their weight and who needs to step up their game.
  • Subscription abuse:If multiple people or companies are using one subscription, they are stealing revenue from you. NJAA helps you realize you are being duped.
  • Avoid Bots:Our built-in dashboard tells you which bots are visiting your site and if they are slowing your performance down.

NJAA exists to remove the hurdles in running an online publication. You spend a lot of money to create your content, and you should not miss out on revenue just because of poor data.

NJAA makes life easier in more ways than we can describe. You can find high-traffic IP's, and figure out why they are viewing your site so much. Running multiple websites is easy, you can view all of their parameters from one dashboard.

Running your business is hard. NJAA takes all of the work out of viewing and understanding data, so you can move forward on taking advantage. The second you are out of the dark on what's going on, you can get to maximize revenue and eliminating holes in your pocket.

If less work and more insights sound good to you, try out Kreatio CMS for free. Contact us now for a free demo that can permanently improve the way you run your business.

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